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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 12, 2015 4:00am-5:00am CST

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early december. severe weather threatens millions. tornado warnings in the midwest. snow in the rockies. also tonight. >> i don't have to hear from this man. believe me. >> republicansnspar over donald trump's plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants. >> two fantasy sports web sites argue the call after being flagged for illegal gambling. >> these veterans found new purpose thanks to a fallen comrade. >> sometimes i feel like he died so we coululall live. announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." i'm charlie rose. from the rockies to the great lakes nearly 40 million americans face severe weather on wednesday. a massive storm syem dumped snow and haiai spawning powerful winds and possibly tornados. the fast-moving storm system unleashed torrential rains across the heartland today.
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this evening in powersville, iowa, another twister was spotted in the southern iowa town of avoca. an 18 wheeler was blown off the road by 76 mile per hour winds. that same e vere storm system created blizzard conditions across the rocky mountains and western plains. the blinding snow made driving dangerous near denver. >> eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our station in boston, wbz, eric how bad is it? >> charlie, we have been watching storms across iowa this afternoon. several reported tornados along ththway. there are more damage reports coming in. the weather service will survey damage tonight and into the day tomorrow. some of the pictures showing certainlnlseveral tornados have touched down. we still have tornado watches that extend farther off to the east this evening. this whole line will be tracking its way into illinois and parts of wisconsin. see the timeline here. thunderstorms moving east as we head into the overnight and into the day tomorrow. ill many showers but the storm
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becomes more wind, not just from severe weather, a broad area, very strong wind will be blowing across the midwest into the great lake many of the locations gusting 35 to 55 miles an hour in charlie. you can expect a lot of travel delays because of the wind the next two days. >> thanks, eric. >> the iowa caucuses are 82 days away which expxpins the sharp elbows thrown during last night's republican presidential debate. 15 candidates in the field eight on stage. each trying to stand out. major garrett rererts, a major campaign issue has emerged. >> can you just send -- >> reporter: the republican rift over illegal immigration widened at the fourth h esidential debate, withthonald trump demanding mass deportatioioof an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> we either have a country or we don't have a country. we are a country of laws. we are going to have to go out the and they'll come back. they are going to have to go out. hopefully they get back. >> reporter: that drew a sharp rebuke from ohio governor john kasich.
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acroro the border. it is a silly argument. it is not an adult argument. >> reporter: when asked this create a deportation force. he responded yes. >> you are going to have a deportation force. you are going to do it humanely. >> reporter: campaigning in iowa, jeb bush called trump's approach impractical. >> i heard his views he believes you can round up half a a llion people a month, half a million people -- basically, i think would double the number of people processed through our judicial system. if it's not possible. >> reporter: during the debate, bush warned democrats would exploit t e issue. >> they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign when they hear this. >> reporter: in fact, hillary clinton retweeted a message about trump's imagined deportation force, the operative word, no. clinton factored prominently in both gop debates. this was governor christie during the undercard version. >> hillary clinton is coming for
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hawk be or -- huckabee or jindal, worry about her. >> the phrase deportation force carried stark imagery more than mimi romney's reference e self deportation. republicans long anxious about the trump effect on the party are fearful of a 2016 sequel. >> major garrett, thank you.% john dickerscn our cbs news political director and anchor of "face the natiti." john, during the debate, a lot of attacks on hillary clinton. why? >> well all the candidates were auditioning. if primary voters vote first on ideology, do they agree with the candidates on the stage on the issues, they also vote on electability. cathey imagine those candidates going all the way? going the distance to november. so what they were doing is trying to give voters a glimpse of how tough they would be on hillary clinton if thewere up againsher in the general election. >> jeb bush said during the debate the republican debate o o
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immigration is creating high-fives in the clinton camp. >> what bush meant is democrats benefit with minority voters when republicans boast aut deporting undocumented workers. ted cruz said he found that offensive in that he, d cruz and others are trying to enforce rhe laws. but bush may have literally been ririt. when he said that dudung the debate. because brian fallon, the clinton press secretary said we are actually high fiving each other right now. >> john dickerson in des moines, thank you. john will moderate the democratic presidential debatete saturday night at 9:00 right here on cbs. today forensic teams began recovering and identifying nine people killed yesterday when a buness jet crashed into an ohio. don dahler is there. >> reporter: the charter flight ended in a fire ball in this neighborhood. the hawker 7 7 had two pilots and 7 employees on board from a
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florida real estate company. pebb enterprises. our hearts are broken this morning, read a company statement. we are shocked and deeply saddened for the families, colleagues and friends of those who perished. as many as four homes were destyed. but no one was injured on the ground. paul rader lives next doorornd ran to thehecene when he heard the impact. >> it was just fire. fire and smoke. i didn't see a wreckage or anything. so intense. >> the real estate group was scouting potential investment prompts and made several stops. still unclear why the plane crashed here. >> my best friend. >> jeanne ferraia's sister diane smoot was one of the passengers. >> very excited the first trip she ever made with the executive thousands. and the tragic thing is, the plane had all the executives for the compy on it. i don't know if there were any left in the office. >> reporter: authorities know who the other missing passengers and employees are.
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they're not going to release the names until the victims have been positively identified by medical records. >> thank you, don. >> satellites will s sn be able to track jet liners anywhere in the world using radio frequencies. the deal worked out today by the un in response to the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 last year. 239 were killed. the boeing 777 was out of radar range. searchers have still not located where it want down. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. almost sixty million americans are affected by mental illness. together we can help them
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on this veterans day, president obama said he is still not satisfied with the department of veterans affairs. the president ordered a massive overhaul last year. after reports that many vets were forced to wait months for treatment. now margaret brennan reports the va paid millions in bonuses some of it to doctors under investigation. >> reporter: dr.r.avid houlihan former chief of staff at veteran center in tomah, washington was nicknamed the candyman, he allegedly dolled out high amount of pain medications to patients. yet the va paid houlihan, a $400 $4,000 performance bonus last year. being fired earlier this week. the v.a. paid out $143 million in performance bonuses to employees in 2014. several under investigation or accused of mismanagement, the list compiled by the house veterans affairs committee and
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jeff miller who said it is evidence of the va disturbing trend of rewardidi employees who preside over corruption and incompetence. in a statement the v.a. said it needs pay bonuses to attruct and retain top talent and did suspend payouts last year to some senior executives, following revelations employees falsified wait lists to meet targets. v.a. secretary bob mcdonald brought on the fix the wait list scandal said the agency has made progress but congress is in the way. >> my vision is being held hostage by politics. what i am trying to do is to work with the members of congngss to leave politics at the door and focus on veterans. >> reporter: now, charlie, mcdonald needs congress to approve a more than $1 billion funding increase he requested to help overhaul the va. to serve the 23 million veterans
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in this country. >> thank you, margrget. >> two fantasy sports web sites said today they will fight to stay in business in new york state. the attorney general there whistled them for illegal gambling ordered them to stop taking bets in the state. vladamir duthier is following. >> reporter: fanduel -- one week fantasy football leagues are paying $75,000 a week. >> reporter: fantasy web sites. fanduel and draft kings have become cash cows and brought in nearly $1 billion in entry fees last year. both companies spent $200 million on ads that seem to run nonstop during football games. >> this is the fantasy football season. that could change it all. >> reporter: the sites were exempt from a 2006 federal law that banned online gambling because they argued their contests involve skill not luck. but after investigating the two companies, n york attorney general eric schneiderman is calling a foul. >> it's not some new variation on the traditional fantasy spords. it's just variation on illegal online gambling you can't do that in new york state.
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>> reporter: fantasy sports players like this man believe snyderman has gone too far. >> to make the whole thing illegal. i think he is going to get backlash. i don't think it will work out for him well at all. >> reporter: six states have banned fantasy sports for money. new york state has more daily fantasy players than any other. >> this sort of aggressive marketing. the instant payout. the fact y can do it on your phone any time. this is a very tempting venue foanyone who has gambling addiction problems. >> reporter: in a conference call with reporters, fanduel ceo, nigel echols said the company will pursue every legal action. >> reporter: draft kings and fanduel have five days to respond to the cease and desis order. both companies plan on challenging the order, charlie. until then the ceo says they'll offer paid contests to their new york customers. thanks, vlad. >> we were reminded this week that cell phones can be dangerous in the hands of young
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people. there is a new case that involves sexting, which is sending messages of of a sexual nature. the case is on long island in new york, but it could happen anywhere. jericka duncan reports. >> when i got the video i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: 15-yeararld a.j. fentononnd kieran failin were suspended from schools for opening a sex video on their smartphones sent to them on a group xt messag >> i think it happens quite often. all, about 20 long island students were suspended for up to five days for forwarding the video or simply receiving it. two students were arrested and charged with felonies for parents thomas failin and andrew fefeon are fighting to o orturn their sons' suspensions. >> nobody knows what is coming their phone. if he is 18. colleges are going to say suspended from school. he is going to say yes. next question is why.
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according to what the administration was telling me on friday, child porn. was on his phone. >> reporter: this month officials in colorado reported at leaea 100 students at canyon city high school used a secret app to exchange nude photos on their smart phones. police in ohio are currently investigating a sexting case involving 14 children ranging from 11 to 17. computer expert and cnet editor dan ackerman says with modern technology there is no way to guarantee your child's safety. >> the one thing we discovered over the years is that anything that you put out there on the internet something you are posting publicly or sending privately exists in digital form. can never truly be deleted. looking back, kieran and a.j. admit there is one thing they could have done differentlyly >> good chancecen not opening it. deleting it right away. >> reporter: a lesson they didn't expect to have learned in school.
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jericka duncan, cbs news, long island, new york. coming up, debt from student loans cocod ruin retirement plans for millionsns the out of this world offer for the blue moon diamond.
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40 million americans have combined stude loan debt of $1.3.3rillion. a financial burden surpassing credit card debt. for many, paying off college could mean putting off retirement. here is anthony mason with tonight's eye on money. >> some body read the title for me. >> reporter: when jess sanchez got his masters in education, the fifth grade teacher finished with more than $90,000 in student loan debt. his first thought when he saw the bill -- >> crap. what did i do? e 35-year-old southern californian was hoping to save for retirement and help pay for his 10-year-old son's college one day. but sanchez says half his $50,000 a year salary will go toward paying off his loans.
4:20 am
retirement right now. right now just trying to keep afloat financially. making sure i keep a roof over my son's head. >> reporter: the average student loan debt of $35,000 can cost graduates nearly $700,000 in lost retirement savings over a 50 year period. >> your fate is th you are not going to retire unl 75 which is pretty sobering. >eporter: a personal financial expert with nerd wallet. if you are faced with the choice of paying down your college debt or put money aside to save for the future what do you do? >> don't look at this as either or. >> reporter: she advises them to modify or stretch their lens while cutting g ck on expenses. even a small savings now will pay off hugely down the road. >> albert einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world. i think he was right. >> reporter: if a 23-year-old earning the median salary who has $35,000 in student debt saves 6% they can expect to retire at 75.
4:21 am
but increase that to 10%, and ththretirement age drops by five years. the average student debt is now 5,500 higher than it was just three years ago. if that rises in some how slowed the student loan crisis could become a retirement crisis. >> thank you, anthony. >> a major retail chain apologizes for an inappropriate holiday ad. that's ahead. welcome to cbs this morning. >> we're following breaking news. >> the busiest amtrak corridor shut down. no trains. that's the derailed d rs. >> on the front line behind me the police have fired stun grenades.
4:22 am
flames up the hillside a ay from the highway. >> this was so devastating, charlie. >> i'm okay. >> the largest storm to ever hit the united states. that will likely be lashed by sandy. >> would you take the country in the next four years? >> everything takes longer than you look. >> do you think you are the last? >> i will never, ever forget the last 48 hours. >> you have said a strong centralized government is in the dna of russia. >> in less than a month, the president of syria, president of iran, prime minister of israel. who does he think he is? charlie rose. >> i've got you. >> you don't have me. >> in fear and panic, people stepped up to help one another. >> good morning from the top of the new one world trade center. >> we are going to give you the rst look at the spececcular views from the tallest building in the western hemisphere. >> people always say they love their fans. but there really is something special about you and your fans.
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>> you and i have been friends for a while. >> no. >> i'm thinking so far, so good. >> welcome back to cbs this morning. >> i said it was going to be a good mornini. >> best ever. >> love being on the show. >> i'm just star struck to be here. >> we are very good. >> that's fantastic. >> be here every day. >> good company with us. >> ha-ha. >> whoa. >> cbs, everybody. >> cbs in the morning, so y'all keep watching. once in a blue moon someone pays a record price for a gem. it happened today at sotheby's in geneva. the rare 12-carat blue moon diamond sold to a collector from hong kong fofo$48.5 million.
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they threw the ring in for free. well there was no gem. we have a new entry in the ad. showed a young man looking at a young lady with the caption "spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking." after an uproar on social media, oomingdale's admittetethe ad was inappropriate. the panda-cam at the national zoo in washington captured a milestone. beibei took his first wobbly steps on monday. he its just shy of 3 months old. his mother may zhong was there. >> for veterans, stresses of war melt away when they catch a lift. that's coming up next. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack?
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on this veterans day we asked facebook friend to share pictures of veterans a a families. photos from all l er the countrtr here are just a few. some served during world war ii, or korea, others more recently in iraq and afghanistan. for many vetu the wounds of war are invisible. but some are on the road to recovery inspired by fallen heroes. here is chip reid. >> reporter: every time former marine john danzinger hits the treadmill and retired soldier pumps iron they say they feel transformed. >> if you are not physically fit. you are not mentally fit. if not mentally fit, you will not be spiritually fit. >> both were diagnosed with psd and said working out may have saved their lives. >> i'm sweaty. >> reporter: the men say lynn coughlin and her brother chris
4:27 am
>> my brother was my best friend. >> reporter: corporal chris kauffman was killed in 2009 in afghanistan. he was a lifelong fitness buff. every time he went to the gym, he said he was going to catch a lift. >> after he died, i fe like i wanted to do something t t capture him and his spirit. >> reporter: she was surprised to learn there was little in the way of exercise programs for combat wounded veterans. she created catch a lift, a charity that provides free access t tgyms anywhere in the country. even equipment for those who want to work out at home. >> had you given up hope about life? >> when i got t ck, yes. >> reporter: the two started their workouts a year ago. >> the science behind exercise and releasing of endorphins and health aspect behind physical fitness makes you feel brand new person some e mes. >> reporter: since 2010, catch a lift sponsored 2,500 veterans. some have lost more than 40 pounds. many others have gone from more
4:28 am
or three. it also helps them reconnect. >> when you get back, everybody from the military separates and goes their own separate way. all across the united states. and, you know it's hararfor them to find that camaraderie again. and catch a lift has built upon camaraderie. >> the gym also remind him of coughlin's sacfice. >> some times i feel like he died so we could all live. >> my brother would really be proud to know that he helped do that through his death. pain to purpose. is what he used toay. >> reporter: veterans pushing througugthe pain to rediscover purpose in life. chip reid, cbs news, baltimore. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
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york city, i'm charlie rose. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 12th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking news inhe battle against isis. u.s. and kurursh forces launch a major offensive to retake an iraqi town controlled by the terror group for more than a year. wind, rain, and snow whips across the midwest and the threatens to hit millions more with severe storms today. death in police custody. a new investigation and lawsuit following the death of a virginia man repeatedly tasered by police. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york.
4:30 am
good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, a major offensive is under way to retake a strategic iraqi town held by isis force. overnight and into the morning, u.s. war planes pounded isis targets near the northern city of sinjar. the u.s. jets e supported by some 7,500 iraqi kurdish iraqi fores on the ground. charlie d'agata joins you on the phone from sinjar. >> reporter: i'm looking over city of the sinjar, the mountainside, just above it. there is smoke rising from a series of air strikes launched by u.s. aircraft and coalition all night and throughout the morning, suspected isis targets. this morning, at dawn, we watched as thousands of kurdish peshmerga forces moving down the mounta and towards the city and the isis front lines. military officials say 7,500 forces in all closing in on
4:31 am
they are trying to push isis militants back, , ing overwhelming force backed by the u.s. air strikes and artillery that is being fired from peshmerga positions here on the mountain. the key is really to recapture the city and choke off vital supply roots from syria. but it is slow going. the peshmerga soldiers we spoke to said they face sniper fire. they examine boobytraps allllver the placac since it's been held by isis for so long. homemade bombs on the roads and in the buildings. and there is always the risk of suicide, car bombs, and suicide bombers on foot. but they sayhey are making progress this morning, slow and steady progress, advancing from the east and west of the city where fierce gun battles are under way. >> charlie, can you tell me a little bit more about the significance of this city? >> it's significant for two reasons. first of all, it sits
4:32 am
essentially on a direct line between two isis strongholds in iraq and syryr and mosul in iraq. and it's also a major highway that runs south of the city. so they are trying to advance and choke that place off essentially to drive a wedge between thesestwo lands that are currently being held by isis. symbolically, it is important. it is a kurdish city. it fell more than a year ago in august. this is the place where the this ethnic ezetia were driven out, tens of thousands of them. they found shelter here on sinjar mountain but the rest, there are reports that women and young girls were kidnapped and tatan into custody. locals were executed and beheaded. so this is -- if it comes, a major victory for kurdish forces and kurdish peshmerga forces working hand in hand with the u.s. military and its allies. thank you very much, charlie. what is left of a fast moving storm system that h h the midwest with snow, rain and
4:33 am
strong winds is headed toward the great lakes this morning. winter weather and freeze advisories remain in effect for parts of oklahoma and texas. heavy snow fell ininebraska and kansas and colorado. some areas face blizzard-like conditions. there was heavy rain elsewhere and travel continues to be treacherous this morning. the storm dropped about 5 inches of snow in p pts of denver. strong winds damaged homes and downed power lines in southwest iowa. the gusts were strong enough to flip semitrailers. folks there say it's some of the worst damage they have ever seen. >> petrified. your house shakes and you think it's going to come off. you hear glass breaking and things being thrown against your house. >> it started raining really, really hard and then swirling and we saw a bunch of debris in the air. >> no severe injuries are reported. meteorologist paul deanno of our san francisco station kpix is following the severe weather. >> reporter: the same low pressure area that gave rainfall
4:34 am
to san francisco and a blizzard to colorado is responsible for more than 140 different severe weather reports over the past 24 hours in the upper midwest. now, the front, itself, has cleared the city of chicago, but the severe weather is not finished because behind the front with the strong area of low pressure, we will limely see wind gusts later today of 35 to 50 miles per hour in the city of chicago and for the entire upper midwest. everybody behind the front will have sshine but will have also some very strong damaging winds. the hot spots later today for heavy rainfall include marquette, michigan, erie, pennsylvania, and watertown with heavy rain and thunderstorms likely. for cbs news, i'm meteorologist paul deanno. in california, a wildfire burning simi valley, northwest of los angeles, has been burning. 40 acres have burned but fire officials say no buildings have been damaged. now to politics. donald trump is defending his
4:35 am
trump said he would humanely deport immigrants from the united states. don champion is here with more. >> reperter: trump likens his program to a controversial president dwight eisenhower carried out more than 60 years. rivals are using the idea as another opportunity to attack trump. republican front-runner donald trump continues selling his controversial immigration plan on the campaign trail. wednesday, during an appearance on fox news, he, once again, invoked a program used by president dwight eisenhower in the 1950s. viewed as a dark time in american history, it ended with the de`ortation of millions of mexicans. >> i've heard it both ways. >> reporter: trying to gain momentum from the last debate, jeb bush took trump to task
4:36 am
>s that the america that represents this extraordinary country? are those the values that people fought for? >> reporter: bush's chief rival marco rubio has been less vocal on the issue. the florida senator supported a 2013 bill that paved the way for amnesty, but later backed away from it. >> they are criminals. they have to leave. if they are not, they have to pay taxes and they have to pay a fine. they have to learn english and they g g a work permit. >> reporter: pundits say the battle among the republican candidates over immigration could spell good news for democrats. >> the democrats benefit with minority voters when republicans boast t out deporting undocumented workers. >> reporter: democratic front-runner hillary clinton tweeted a message about trump's plan wednesday, describing it as absurd and inhumane. now trump still has not said exactly how he plans to track down people living in the country illegally. clinton, in the meantime, will face bernie sanders and martin o'malley on sawurday in the ird democratic debate and it wiwi air right here on cbs and
4:37 am
will be moderated by "face the nation's" john dickerson. >> don champion in new york, thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," a new poll on the race for the democratic presidential nomination. the cockpit voice recovereder from a private jet that crashed in akron, ohio, is being examined at a all aboutlab in washington. surveillance video shows the plane coming in for a landing and crashing into an apartment house. the jet reportedly clipped ility wires. all nine people on board were killed, including the two pilots. the jet's owners say they were an experienced crew and did not report any problems. >> it's typical for them to give us a door's open and door's closed message. we got them all, with no -- no messages of anything being wrong. >> all of the passengers worked for a florida real estate firm.( no one on the ground was injured. coming up on "the morning
4:38 am
news," laser strikes. several news helicopters are targeted by a green laser in new york city. and improvinonline dating matches. an update on tinder is aimed at more right swipes. this is the "cbs morning news." advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacisisfor fast, powerful advil cold & sinus.s. relief doesn't get any better than this. does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stayayroof look? neutrogena makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that?
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roomba picks up pet hair, dust and debris for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot . better together . new video reveals what happened before a virginia man died in n lice custody more than two yeyes ago. officers in south boston, virginia, used a laser on ray lambert about 20 times. i want to warn you now, this video is a bit graphic. >> don't kick the window! >> officers took lambert into custody in may of 2013 after respond to go a noise complaint. based on his behavior, they thought he needed medical care, but before they could get him inside the hospital, he kicked out the window of the squad car. video from inside the e r shows lambert crashing into the dodos of the e.r.
4:41 am
police tased him multiple times. then they put him in a patrol car to go to jail where he loses consciousness. his sister wants the officers fired and chchged. >> very hard to watch it and to hear him plea for his life when he alerted them, his conditiwn. and, you know, the thihis they were saying to him and how they ignored him when he asked for help. it was just shocking. >> lambert's family has filed a $25 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit. the faa is investigating laser strikes on three different planes wednesday night near dallas. the flights were headed for landing at dallas love field. two were southwest and virgin american jets and the third was a private business plane. a police helicopter sent to investigate came up empty. >> a laser strike hit close to home here at cbs. the helicopter for our new york station wcbs was hit tuesday by a green laser over brooklyn. it was one of three new york news choppers targeted.
4:42 am
a nearby nypd chopper responded and police on the ground took two suspects into custody. in seattle, a small drone flew into a ferris wheel. the three-pound aircraft then crash landed on to a table at a restaurant below. no one was hurt and the ferris wheel was nonodamaged. a billionaire whose helicopter forced a new jersey youth soccer game to be cancelled is apologizing. josh harris says that he is sorry hehearked his helicopter and blocked the field sunday preventing the 12-year-olds from playing. harris owns the nhl's new jersey devils. he was in new york to watch the team. harris says he will work with the private school where he parked the chopper to prevent further mix-ups. still to come, target's christmas controversy. the retatler is selling a holiday sweater that is accused of makakg light of mental illness. later, a victoria secret perfume that is designed to make you feel more attractive, while
4:43 am
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. campbell soup is changing some of its recipes to appeal to millllnials.
4:45 am
be limited to 140 characters. >> has to be a #thrown in there. stephen colbert has scored what t is likely a ratitis touchdown. cbs is handing the coveted super bowl late show spot to "the late show." his showowill air after the big game in february and the spot is usually guaranteed mass i didn't have ratings. youcan see super bowl 5050 sunday february 8th here on cbs. on the cbs "moneywatch" target's controversial christmas sweater and tinder figures out how to get more right swipes. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. macy's stock plunged after the retailer announced lower than expected third quarter profits and sales. macy's stock dropped 14% and the worst performing stock in the s&p yesterday. macy's profit was down 46%6% macy's is looking at real estate options for some of its most well-known locations, including
4:46 am
its flagship store in new york city. the good news for shoppers is more markdowns. stocks ended lower on wall street again. the dow lost nearly 56 points, the s&p fell 6, the nasdaq finished 1 1points lower. jcpenney's agreed to settle a class actn lawsuit that alleges false advertising for $50 mimiion. ththlawsuit on behalf of california customers claimed jcpenney marked down products from fake inflated prices. jcpenney denied the allegation but they settled to end the expense of further legislation. tinder is beating up its profiles. the new algorithm look to jobs and education and changes how they influence ranking. tinder says the results will be more relevant and meaningful. the new profiles shows users exactly what thez have in common with someone else. rereil target is taking g me
4:47 am
sweater. the red, green, and white sweater reads ocd, obsessive christmas disordqr. critics s y it makak light of a mental illness, obsessive compulsive disorder.r. so far, no word from target. >> i'm annoyed we arartalking christsts before thanksgiving. i like my holidays one at a time in order. can't we hold off just a little bit? >> they have been talking christmas since labor day, i'm thinking. >> i know. it's true. jill wagner at the new york stock exehange, thanks a lot, jill. coming u uon our morning newsstand, birth control lawsuit. dozens of women blame the maker of a birth control pill for alleged faulty packaging that led to unplanned pregnancies. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protecechealthy cells.
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here's a look at today's
4:50 am
the country. a birth control pill maker is sued over alleged mispackaging. and a magazine says it's done ranking women. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the philadelphia inquirer" says more than a hundred women became pregnant becausef a birth control mix-up a a they are suing. in 2011, the fda pulled millions of birth control pills off the market. some of the pills inside were mislabeled, making them useless. now some women are seeking the cost of delivering, raising,g,nd educating the children. >> under pennsylvania law, the benefits of having a healthy child are considered to outweigh the detrtrents of having an unwanted child. >> the pennsylvania based manufacturer could face millions in damages. "the hollywood reporter" is ending its annual ranking of the
4:51 am
100 most powerful l men in entertainment after 23 years. it says the list contributed to the gender imbalance in an industry dominated by men. instead, it will provide a power ranking that combines genders. "the houston chronicle" calls this the happiest mug shot in america. 19-year-old sara ferway was arrested on monday and accused of running a drug operation out of her apartment. in a newewtudy, researchers at new mexico state university found repellants contain the deet were the most effective in warding off mosquitoes, but a few others, including a victoria secret's bombshell perfume, also worked for hours.
4:52 am
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what i'm talking about. yeah. yeah. >> former president george w. bush surprising a group of veterans. they were touring the george w. bush presidential center in dallas on veterans day. he thanked them for their rvice and took pictures. mr. bush told them he misses saluting those who wear the uniform. today, president obama will give the nation's highest military award to an army captain whose actions in afghanistan saved the lives of his fellow soldiers. florent groberg will become the tenth living person to be awarded the medal of honor. groberg was wounded when he tackled a suicide bomber. the bomb went off injuring groberg and killing four others nearby. groberg has undergone more than 30 surgeries and three years of recovery since his act of
4:54 am
a dog in taunton, massachusetts, is back home with his family this morning. he disappeared monday, triggering a frantic search. the next day, he was found at the bottom of a well. jim smith of our boston station wbz has the rescue. >> i was so happy that the dog was alive and okay. >> reporter: buddy the dog/looks at a backyard well that nearly led to his doom. the dog had stumbled into the well and missing for hours and his loving family worried sick. >> all night long, we were calling for the dog and looking for the dog everywhere outside, down the street and we have an electrical fence. i didn't think he went past the fence so i thought somebody stole the dog. >> reporter: then buddy's canine daddy, the slightly smaller one, led the kids to the well and there he was. >> i looked down and he wasn't moving. and i called his name and he started moving and he was in a fofo of water. >> reporter: we are not talking
4:55 am
it's more than 20 feet deep and buddy was in trouble, stuck at the bottom. taunton firefighrs rushed to the scene and, in the end, they made it look relatively easy. >> we wrapped this around the dog and once i get it wrapped around, we got a rope secured. >> reporter: firefight jared jackson put a ladder down and slipped a harness around buddy and up he came. not a scratcp. >> kind of felt bad. poor thing looked like he was sad being down there. they said he was there all night and kind of felt sad for him. >> you made it, buddy. good boy! >> gd boy, good boy, bud! freezing to death, huh? you want to say thank you? >> i was worried and my sister was crying. we didn't know what to do. we were all upset. it was so scary. we are just lucky to have them get the dog out of the well. >> indeed. that was wbz's jim smith reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," eliminating artificial ingredients in our food. we will show you how companies are making over some popular products.
4:56 am
has a preview of "thursday night football," and singer actress vanessa williams joins us in the studio. that is the "cbs mornini news" for this thursday. thanks for watching.
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